Our services

Our services

We are a group of professionals operating in a broad scope of occupations.  We may be corporate trainers, public relations professionals, teachers, instructors, professors, doctors, lawyers to name but a few the areas of expertise.  While our occupations may differ, we all have a wealth of experience as public speakers.  Our coaches have delivered hundreds of presentations to audiences across the globe.  We know what it is like to experience stage fright and the nervous apprehension that may begin long before the actual presentation day.  We understand the feeling of having so much to say, but not knowing where or how to start.  We can relate to the thought - "I just want this to be over with."  While we may still experience a measure of nervousness at times, we now look forward to our presentations and actually enjoy the experience.  It is our goal that you graduate to this stage, from stage fright and flight, to a comfort that has you looking forward to your next opportunity.

Personal Training

We provide training that will help you build an effective presentation on any topic. Our focus is on the foundational elements and principles of public speaking - enabling you to transfer your skills to any topic at any time.

Personal Coaching

We offer 1-1 coaching to assist you in developing or delivering your speech to your audience. We will help you to fine tune what you have already created while fully leveraging your personal style.


We are truly a service based organization with a strong focus on flexibility and agility. We seek to be available and responsive with all our services. We aim to accomodate your preferred conferencing platform.