Who we are

The Natural Speaker team

We are a group of professionals operating across a broad scope of occupations. We may be corporate trainers, public relations professionals, teachers, instructors, professors to name but a few career paths. While our occupations may differ, we all have a wealth of experience as public speakers, and have a passion for enhancing our own skills. Our coaches have delivered hundreds of presentations to audiences across the globe. We know what it is like to experience stage fright and the nervous apprehension that may begin long before the actual presentation day. We understand the feeling of having so much to say, but not knowing where or how to start. We can relate to the thought - "I just want this to be over with." While we may still experience a measure of nervousness at times, we now look forward to our presentations and actually enjoy the experience. It is our goal to help you move from stage fright and flight, to a comfort that has you looking forward to your speaking engagement.

Good students

We have studied the art of communication and we employ time tested and proven methods for success. We have benefited from public speaking coaching and are now able to assist others. We regularly hone our own skills by delivering presentations and speeches to a variety of audiences. We believe good teachers continue to be good students.

Good teachers

We seek to understand you and your goals. We endeavour to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. We are committed to your success. We value simplicity, clarity and brevity in our teaching and training methods. We value your resources and are committed to providing the most practical instruction in the least amount of time.

Your global reach

Our speeches have been effectively delivered across borders and cultures since they are solidly on our core principles that have global reach.